Pattern Service

Pattern Services

As well as our own manufacturing service we offer unique foundry pattern making services as well.

Though our own bespoke way of manufacturing we have developed skills that allows us to produce high definition pattern equipment for foundry use.

Our deep etch magnesium and zinc plates are ideal flat back patterns for foundry use, this is the way we produce all our bronze, aluminium and cast iron plaques.

As well as our deep chemical etching service we also have an in-house CNC cutting center which we use for deeper wooden and resin cutting again offering a more defined profiled pattern whilst still maintaining the ideal draft angles for sand casting production. We also have access to traditional pattern makers who can further develop our products if required.

Over the years we have produced numerous tools for our friends in the foundry industry as well as tooling for artists to use as base plates for clay production and resin/polymer productions.

Our pattern making services have been used to produce tooling for:

  • The National Trust
  • The Scottish Highland Trust
  • PGA Golf Courses
  • English Heritage
  • Blue Plaque Schemes
  • Commonweath Walkways
  • Network Rail
  • The War Memorials Trust

For more information on our pattern making services please get in touch.

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